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Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.






According to the ONTD, DashCon did this

  • there was a BDSM panel and DashCon allowed minors into it, along with other +18 panels where they did the same

If you wanted to know why I hate tumblr, here’s one of the reasons.

Rather than hating tumblr for this. Why not hate the idiots running a con when they clearly have no business doing so. 

Because I’ve hated tumblr long before Dashcon happened.

Fair enough, there are plenty of reasons to hate this site. 
It’s just my opinion dashcon isn’t one of them.

"If you wanted to know why I hate tumblr, here’s one of the reasons.”

I literally said one of the reasons and everyone’s harping on me like 




can you even read

They got scammed into handing out $17k+ in a single weekend and you expect them to be able to read?












same girl, same.

'Owning it' is a matter of perspective. Or legality, considering your point of view.

You’ve also manipulated the lighting of this room and brightened this so much that we can’t tell if any of those things are true.  Girl, you can hardly even see your nose.  We know the tricks.  That’s not your skin glowing - that’s you blasting yourself with so much light in order to hide your natural complexion that you’re completely washed out.  If you really wanted to own it, you’d do as I do and actually post the pictures where you look like shit.  You know, in bad lighting, without makeup, where you look like a complete doofus.  I do that, they’re all over this blog and the internet.  I post the ones where I look good, too.  I’m the same person either way, and what the fuck do I care what you have to say about my bad pictures or my good ones?  You’re hypocritical as shit, though, to say that when you spent hours caking your face in foundation, drawing on your eyebrows, doing seriously god-knows what to your hair - that alone took hours upon hours, not to mention it’s bleached to shit and seriously unhealthy - and then be like “ohh I’m so ugly but so REAL!”

Fucking no you’re not.  You’re a lying, vain whore just like everybody else.

Eat me, sunshine.

natural light, no makeup, sweaty, zitty, shitty.

Natural light, no makeup, sweaty, zitty, shitty.

Oh gods… this girl… (the pink haired one I mean).

She’s also the one who said something along the lines of, “Periods are a natural and normal part of life! And society hates them because it breaks the illusion of women being pure, magical creatures instead of real human beings.” (something like that, more or less)

And yet here she is… Dolled up, with the obvious “natural” pink hair and drawn eyebrows. No. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the way she dresses or wears make up or what have you. I could care less.

But I find it just a tad hypocritical when she’s preaching the “natural beauty” of women and “I know I have flaws!” while she’s clearly doing everything in her power to make herself look like some pink, fairy princess…

Just my two cents anyway.


I hate this woman.
She’s a hypocrite. To a huge degree.

Isnt this the same woman who said that you cant choose which women you respect because all women are deserving of your respect no matter what?

Could have been. I usually just make a throw up noise whenever I see her fucking face.

She is a known sympathizer of Anita Sarkeesian (ugh), yes, it was her who said all women were invariably deserving of all respect, and she’s also the one who went on the tirade against annoyed gamers and comic fans who were (rightfully) annoyed at the sudden wave of posers and cam-girls and female bloggers pretending to be into Geek Culture simply to increase their popularity/audience.

Chick’s a load of steaming bullshit.

- The Creole Drunk

I’ve never even seen her videos, but there is something about her face that just gets all up under my skin.

I think it’s a combination of the diabetes-inducing amount of pink and the ridiculously pretentious attitude.

The fact she supports sarkesian is enough for me to dislike her. The fact she’s a chicken shit who refused to debate with afpe shows how much faith she has in her own words.


the reason male comic book fans work themselves into a frenzied rage over “fake geek girls" is because they think they can’t get a girlfriend because of their love for comic books (a.k.a nerdiness). if they accept that geek girls genuinely love comic books, then they’re left with the cold harsh reality that it’s not their nerdiness that makes them unattractive to women, but the fact that they are misogynistic condescending dickbags who need to be avoided AT ALL COSTS

And here we have a complete idiot who understands nothing.


someone following me who says that DID and headmates are “fake bullshit” and “not legitimate” hahahahah youre not gonna have a good time here friend

Don’t know about DID (some sources say it’s also BS) but headmates are fake. Like if you seriously think you have multiple people living in your head but you act all cutesy about it then it’s flat-out insulting to people who have schizophrenia. If you seriously think The Doctor, Benjamin Franklin, and a dune buggy from the 80’s occupy the same body as you, then you’re either completely mad or trying to play up having a mental disorder in an attempt to garner attention. It needs to stop. If I’d call anything ablest, it’d be the concept of headmates.

"Stop making sports anime with boys and make sports anime with girls!"




Cried the entitled teenage girl on tumblr, without bothering to actually look to see if any already existed.

None of these are hentai or ecchi, and I doubt this is all there is.  I also didn’t include ones that had overshadowing “idol singer” or “magical girl” elements.

Maybe next time, before you complain about not being able to find something, actually fucking LOOK for it.

[Making a separate post for this, because otherwise it’ll just get lost in the fray]

oh my god are you serious now. are you seriously calling someone “‘entitled”’ simply for asking to make more sports anime about girls?

The Japanese animation industry doesn’t owe you shit.  They aren’t producing their shows for American teenage girls.  They are producing shows for their own culture, and one in which sports in general is not as popular as it is in America.

i didn’t want to start shit, but the tone of this post is REALLY upsetting me. like are you kidding me?!? half of the titles listed here came out like 3458495 years ago. which doesn’t mean they’re bad or anything but we’re asking for new, fresh, modern sports anime, not for the few good anime that came out back in the days of attacker you!

Guys, apparently, nothing counts unless it’s brand new.  If it happened before these people were born, they don’t give a shit, and it doesn’t have any social value.  Fuck off with your spoiled little “It doesn’t matter unless it was made just for ME” attitude.

the other half of the anime listed here are either more romance-oriented than sports-oriented or they are ecchi moe trash clearly more aimed at men than girls (see Ro-Kyu-Bu, it’s literally listed as “Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, School, Sports”) OR they are about sports like mahjong and similar board games. Or skating, or wrestling or similar sports that aren’t really very much “team sports”, they’re very individual sports.

I literally stated in the post that none of these are ecchi.  Way to prove that you didn’t actually read the post at all.  And, oh no!  ROMANCE!  You mean like the implied romance in that male-dominated swimming anime that people like you fall all over yourselves about?  You fucking hypocrite.

they’re making like 345954 new sports anime all about boys, you can’t ask people to just “be happy with what we already have” (read: a few old-ass anime, some moe trash and a few anime about mahjong, karuta and similar)

except for attacker you!! and very few others that came out many many years ago, i don’t see any other sports anime about girls that are like haikyuu!! or yowapeda or kurobas or all these new sports anime that are about team sports, have nice graphics/animation and all. literally the best sports anime about girls i can remember being like that is attacker you! and that’s it.

also don’t say “none of these are hentai or ecchi” if you didn’t even check the genres section of that anime’s page. don’t say there are no magical girls anime when there are actually some magical girls and fantasy anime there. don’t tell people to stop complaining about lack of representation just because you did a 5 minutes research on myanimelist and happened to find some old-ass anime labelled as “sports anime” that contains girls, and so you assumed people are just overreacting because “damn those sjws!” (yes, i did check your about page).

…I like how this person didn’t read anything about any of those animes, and are just making assumptions based on the images.

people know what they’re talking about when they complain about lack of representation.

And sports anime in general represent JAPANESE CULTURE.  You know - the people those shows were MADE FOR.

also some info people should probably know about you before they reblog your shitty post:





TL;DR: stop reblogging this gross person’s posts

You continue to be as pathetic as ever (not to mention unintentionally racist).  You go through someone’s FAQ to cherry-pick things in order to present them as negatives, without actually delving into what those posts contain, which include hard facts and statistics that show that “rape culture” is nothing more than mass hysteria.  At least I provide sources for my claims - what do you have besides empty emotional pleas and logical fallacies?  I continue to be astounded that people like you are literally angry that women AREN’T being raped as much as you think they are.

If anyone’s “gross” here, hon, it’s you (also, grow up.  No one above age 8 should be using “gross” against other human beings.  It’s childish as all hell).

Actually, what I find interesting in that reject’s post is they state there’s a shit ton of new sports anime all about boys coming out. Please tell me just what the names of these anime are. Please, do list all 345954 of these brand new shows coming out that are all sports oriented. I can wait. Oh, and well you’re at it, please do let me know which ones are aimed at a female audience and which are aimed at a male audience. I do seem to recall hearing about a swimming anime that was released not too long ago or something, but I just happen to forget what the target audience was and why. Mind refreshing me on that? Mind listing what sports anime even exist? Because that seems to be such a small area of anime, almost a niche genre of sorts given how many other genres that have a title released in them and how few sports anime there are.

Anonymous asked: I don't agree with the methods of tumblr feminists or sjws but is spamming images of real life gore actually acceptable anywhere? Isn't that just totally not cool under any circumstance? It's against the site's terms and conditions as well.


I’m pretty sure trying to organize shutting down another site is also against tumblr’s Terms of Service.

Besides that, these are images that many users might not even see unless they’re browsing specific tags, versus people literally trying to shut down an entire image board comprised of multiple boards, including boards for LBGT people.

If anything, the people of 4chan are going easy on these morons.

It also doesn’t help that the same idiots who decided to rally against 4chan are also all predictable in their interests; spamming those tags that they frequent is as close to a centralized strike you can get if you want revenge, outside of doxxing the idiots.




Damn this spot the difference is so hard :-/

One of them is useful, famous across the world and part of peoples every day lives.

The other one is Justin Bieber and Nash Grier  


Ya know, it’s stuff like this that I want to laugh at, and yet i know the origins of the joke and part of it is basically ‘really?’ and I feel slightly conflicted. On one hand, Bieber IS a piece of trash, while on the other Nash is a kid who got famous because girls thought he was cute and then when he dared to voice his opinion that girls should be well-kept (as in clean and a face without a giant mustache on it), apparently a bunch of idiots attacked him. The hate against him is because a bunch of tools and dipshits decided that having an idea of what a girl should be (which if anyone watched just amounted to strong, independent and someone who would make him into a better person, ya know, the kind of spiel those very idiots are almost always going on about when it comes to forming relationships), and apparently he’s in the same league as a guy who assaulted people, destroyed or violated property, and almost killed people. »



Gender IS misogyny. Misogyny is literally the entire and only reason that gender exists.

Look, readers! Forget PP, dragondicks and all the rest of those wannabes! This entire blog is gold. If you want to read a real life Fury Belle, you can do no…

I’m calling Poe on this blog. No formatting, can’t understand how lightbulbs work, default design, is a TERF, it’s so far out there that it passes what commonly ends up on feminists blogs. Even the worst ones tend to do something aside from blog about how ‘teh mens r evl’

Anonymous asked: So I think it's good and important to criticize the really problematic aspects of feminism but I see a lot of anti-SJWs saying that feminism is bad/unnecessary and then finding some horrible/silly quotes by feminists as proof. But isn't that exactly like saying that men are bad people and 'proving' it with some misogynistic quotes by a few men? Neither men nor feminists are a homogenous group. Or am I missing something? Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything about it.


The thing is, the women those quotes were from are (for the most part) considered to be feminist icons.

And the thing is, we don’t need “feminism”, because it has been so badly warped into something that isn’t the least bit concerned with gender equality as it is with trying to police our language, and spreading mass hysteria.

It shouldn’t be a “movement” to support equality for all people.  It should just be the right thing to do.  By giving it a name, the only thing we’re doing is giving it a presumption of moral superiority.  To say “I’m a feminist” is to imply that someone is taking major steps toward advancing equality, but in reality, anyone can just wear the label, even if they’re doing fuck all for anyone but themselves.  And that’s the problem.

No one “needs” feminism; least of all women.  The only thing we’ve done is try to build some kind of exclusive club around ourselves, like one of those country clubs for old, rich white people.  It’s like little girls playing with Barbie dolls in a pink blanket fort with a “No boys allowed!” sign hanging on the outside of it.  Feminism deliberately excludes others.  The problems being approached by feminism are not only women’s problems.  They are everybody problems.  Even the concept of “patriarchy” isn’t merely a woman’s issue, because it negatively affects men, trans people, and non-binary individuals as well.  It all comes down to the obsolete gender roles that we impose on ourselves as a society.

We shouldn’t be breaking off into seperate groups to try to solve issues that affect us all.  The only thing that does is push us even farther apart.

"A house divided cannot stand".

The other thing is, it’s not just one or two quotes or incidents, it’s a whole fucking list. I think AFPE has a list that’s well over 50 some entries on ways feminism hurts people and a list that’s, what, over 75 or so quotes of shit feminists say. There are feminist icons that people look up to that are PROUD of intruding on the space of others. There are SO MANY GOD DAMN BLOGS DEDICATED to the movement AND people are willing TO THROW AWAY ENTIRE RELATIONSHIPS based on whether or not that person likes feminism. It’s not a couple of events or people that have been blown up, it’s in the hundreds, the thousands. For fucks sake, a feminist managed to get $160k in donations in order to get a series of videos out, and we all know how well THAT is turning out. And it’s not just female feminists that get talked about, recall what thefrogman said right around the time Elliot Rodgers shot up the 6/9 people (I’m not sure if his roommates are counted among the total fatalities but still), and wil wheaton is another asshole people like to bring up. There’s still quite a few male feminists who people don’t like and for damn good reason.

Anonymous asked: would you agree that trans people are automatically better than cis people


not at all. trans or cis we are all people, don’t form an opinion about someone just because they’re different from you