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Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.


All these pro-GG posts with actual evidence…

All these anti-GG posts with nothing but immature insults and links to biased articles…

Feminists and SJWs officially don’t give a shit about evidence.

Their evidence is a football player or actor who knows jack shit about the situation. Apparently they don’t care to learn about the situation and would rather hear about it from their local echo chamber.


"GamerGate addresses real concerns about journalistic ethics in the game industry"

"With any huge movement there are bound to be trolls"

"Feminists are stereotyping and oppressing the typical male gamer"

You’ve never heard of #notyourshield, have you? And really, why act like saying every movement having bad apples is a bad thing? At least they’re willing to admit they have assholes, how many feminists are willing to do the same, and how many are willing to fix the issue when an asshole pops up?


All that I can say about #gamergate is that it shows just how much tumblr cares about drama and how little it cares about actual people doing good. managed to raise 20 million dollars last weekend and you don’t hear as much as a whisper about it. If you stop looking through your microscope you’ll notice that there’s still people out there that give a damn, and are working to make the world a better place. »


GamerGate literally and explicitly began with an ex-boyfriend using social media to try and humiliate his ex-girlfriend by talking about her sex life.

It is beyond me how peoples and companies cannot see that this is intrinsically, inherently about gender politics at its core. No matter how…

1. She cheated on him. At that point you would be cheering her on if you flipped who cheated.
2. She slept WITH JOURNALISTS AND REVIEWERS which led directly to them supporting her game as well as her shitty behavior.
3. Other evidence has come out as a result of people doing some serious investigating: security threats never reported, collusion to fire someone and keep them out of the business, other relationships from friends to lovers being used as a method to garner praise and support.
4. Zoe Quinn hasn’t been the center of attention since roughly a week after gamergate started, give or take.
5. Do some god-damn research before spouting off insane and stupid posts.

“So when Anita Sarkeesian tweeted that “gamergate is the new name for a group that has been harassing me for 2 years,” she was factually correct. Many of the most consistent users of #GamerGate are inextricably linked to harassment of Ms. Sarkeesian and other women. I’ve just shown you 20 of them, all of whom are happily welcomed into the GamerGate movement and not censured in any way for their actions. I’m sure this list will grow as more people share their experiences.

These people have spent the last two years harassing and demeaning women in and out of the games industry. You know what they haven’t spent the last two years doing? Talking about ethics in journalism.

There may be ethical, honest people involved in #GamerGate. But a few good apples won’t magically make a rotten barrel edible. And #GamerGate is rotten to the core.”

The Bad Apples Of #GamerGate — Medium

Unsurprisingly, it’s not just sexism. It’s racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and ableism too.

(via brutereason)

So #notyourshield doesn’t exist, and apparently one picture and one guy represent all of a movement. Fuck you.

“It’s tempting to believe that this online row – a toxic combination of misinformation, anger and anxious masculinity – is just about one specific technology industry’s subculture, or that it will blow over. But by labeling Gamergate a “gaming problem” and attaching a hashtag to it, we’re putting unnecessary boundaries around a broader but nebulous issue: threats and harassment are increasingly how straight white men deal with a world that no longer revolves exclusively around them.”

Gamergate is loud, dangerous and a last grasp at cultural dominance by angry white men, my latest at the Guardian US (via jessicavalenti)

And here we have another asshole who needed some click-baiting material and has no idea what the fuck they’re talking about.

#GamerGate: Destructoid, Corruption And Ruined Careers »


Holy shit.  Gamergate bomb drop.  TLDR version.

  1. Pre-op transsexual sets up IndieGoGo under pretense of “life saving surgery”.  Game journos support and signal boost the IndieGoGo.  Actual surgery is SRS. 
  2. Journalist Allistar Pinsof feels ethical need expose the fraudulent IndieGoGo, unfortunately outing her as trans.
  3. IndieGoGo cancels the donation drive because of fraudulent information, as per their ToS.
  4. The trans woman, unfortunately, attempts suicide on a live stream.  She is saved and put on suicide watch.
  5. Pinsof profusely apologizes, as his actions caused her to attempt suicide.
  6. Later, Pinsof actually helps this woman form and do a legit donation drive for her SRS. 
  7. The Game Journos Pro discuss in detail with one another how to handle him and, eventually, decide to fire and black list him.  This is collusion, as it has competitors actively discussing and influencing somebody’s job position.  Using this list to promote a secret blacklist in the industry is beyond unethical and in many states flat out illegal.

Signal boost this shit.

Feminism »




(Anti-feminist only)
Please tell me what Zoe Quinn did! Sources please!

If you’re a feminist, I don’t want your opinion, I want facts and logic, not your shit.

Does Encylopedia Dramatica count as a source? Because I know the general gist of her fuckery (no pun…

Basically she fucked 5 guys 2 are unconfirmed but 2 are confirmed and before she got a court order her ex made these posts with screenshots of her admitting at least to nathan and her boss. x

One of the guys Nathan is a writer for kotaku she fucked him and that basically got him to write great the time he was part of a secret gamejournopros group in which the big gaming journalists got together to plan and collude to what they would do next which is in part the reason nothing is being said about GG and why anyone in the industry who even questioned Zoe or ethics gets people have lost their jobs over this.

She slept with people to get good reviews and her game greenlighted then lied about wizardchan abusing her and played the victim card hiding behind feminism…

She managed to tank a charity that is a self proclaimed second wave feminist group to help get women into gaming. Then as soon as she crashes their site sets up her own rebel jam..however with the help of GG and 4chan they gained the funding meanwhile because of her fucking nathan and him being in this gamejournopro group it meant he had pull and influence over what they published which is why no matter how hard they tried the group the charity whojust wanted people to be made aware that they were not being sexist and that they needed help it wasnt even to bad mouth zoe..they just wanted a story run about their charity for women after she damaged and slandered them but no one would run the story…She basically was the straw that broke the camels back in starting gamergate because it exposed an awful lot of misconduct and such in the gaming industry..then Anita sarkeesian saw more chance to make money as usual..and now Brianna wu is trying desperately..but yeah I think that is about it. is a list of sources I compiled on anita, zoe, and info in general about GG…Internet Aristocrat does a good over view on GG and highlights the info about the gamejournopro secret meet ups..x